Free Memory Card Recovery: How to Troubleshoot a Memory Card Access Denied Error

Memory card are used in various devices such as digital camera, cell phone, media players etc. It is used for storing files as well as also transfer files between various devices. But sometimes while working on it, user come across lots of error messages. “Memory card access denied” is one among them. Such error often appears when user try to open any files but fails to open them. Such error message indicate that file is corrupted and you can no longer access or read them.

Causes of Such Error Messages

  • sudden power cut
  • formatting the memory card
  • turning off the device
  • removing the memory card while it is in use’
  • memory card corrupted

Now user get worried a lot when they come across such error messages. But there is still chance of recovery if you have backup otherwise its better to use a reliable recovery software for memory card recovery. But before that check your memory card if it is working or not and stop using that. It is also asked not to save any new file in the memory card.


Use Memory Card Recovery Software

Memory card recovery software is one and only solution to fix any corruption issues which generates such error messages. It deeply scan the entire memory card and identify the error which is to fixed. It then display the complete preview of the file which is to be recovered. One can also get the option to save the file when recovery process completes over. It easily recovers all your lost images is capable of recovering files from Mac system, SD card, USB drives, Digital camera as well. The software also supports recovery of files from all Mac as well as Windows versions. The memory card recovery software also supports recovery of accidentally and formatted files too. It even help in restoring backup for future use too.

User Guide: How to Use Memory Card Recovery Software

Step 1: Connect the storage device to your PC and then select the start scan option for the recovery process.

Step 2: Choose a particular drive to restore your photos and then select smart scanning for customizing the Sony photo recovery.

Step 3: It displays a complete preview of the files before recovery. Then select the file type list to choose the desired file types.

Step 4: Now select the individual files to start recovering the old files. Then start scanning the entire files. A progress bar appears which shows the scanning process.

Step 5: When scanning process completes up, a list of all recovered files appears to have preview.

Step 6: Select a specific location to save the recovered corrupted JPEG photos. Hence you can get your files saved in your desired location.


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